Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to registration and use of Military Link Online Services. Prospective and current members are required to agree to the rules and regulations in order to obtain and retain member status. Violation of the rules and regulations may be cuase for immediate loss of membership privileges and removal from our site.

  1. You agree not to use access to Military Link for purposes of commercial use or monetary gain. This includes but is not limited to the sale, transfer, or distribution of registered member lists.
  2. You agree not to publish any information found in the directories without first obtaining permission from Military Link Online Services.
  3. Military Link reserves the right to edit or remove any obscene or distasteful information which we feel may cause this site to appear less appealing to prospective or current members.
  4. Military Link reserves the right to refuse membership or access to anyone who we feel is abusing the service or exploiting it in a way which is detrimental to Military Link or the member alumni.
  5. You agree that the membership you purchase is for your exclusive use and is not to be shared with others.
  6. Incognito names are not allowed. It is useless being listed if people cannot identify you.