What Military Link Will Do For You

Most military service members who attempt to find a military friend, past or present, fail to find the person they are looking for. In most cases, this is due to the lack of information about the person they are attempting to locate. Most people do not know their friends Social Security Number or they remember a person by their "Nickname" rather than a Full Name. These two peices of information are usually the key in finding someone in the military. Until Now!

Military Link has been formed to "Locate Military Friends... Past and Present". We use an affiliation database to do this. The format is disciplined in order to make the database most useful to you. New members start by voluntarily entering pertinent information regarding past or present Duty Station Assignments. Affiliations are registerd and filtered by Service Branch, Geographical Area, and Duty Station. Information assisting the search includes, but is not limited to, dates assigned, rank, nicknames units or sections, etc..

Once registered, a member may browse Duty Stations or Ships and Vessels for past or present friends. Our internal e-mail service allows you to send mail to the people you may find. We have chosen the Internet for our location because it there are thousands of new users surfing the Web every day. If a person moves, their e-mail address usually moves with them. This makes it very easy to stay in touch.

We hope you find our service to be of help.

"We Keep America's Military... Well Conected"